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A Good Dictionary

This dictionary was one of the first apps, which caught my attention once the app store was launched. I didnt get it that time cuz it was around 24€. I think the developers noticed the high price they had set as well & brought the price down, first to 15€ & now to 7,99€. Somehow I felt like spending 7,99€ for it today & I finally got it... & I have to tell you that Im pretty impressed! You have an advanced dictionaty & thesarus which dont require Internet. The Usability is very effective & properly designed without no bugs so far. If you are an English learner, this will definetly come in handy. If it had some sort of pronunciation audio file for the words, it would have been the ultimate pocket dictionary; nevertheless 4 shiny stars from me.

Ok but

The App is ok but I have found some errors, if you search for the conjugation of the defective verb "can", you will find only that verb as a regular verb, that is embarrassing:-(in my opinion, because its a very important verb. Please fix it in the next update

Expensive but GOOD

HEY!!! I WANT A CREDIT!!! lol good move guys. but uh..... seriously......

Very good

I didnt even consider it at the previous price, $9.99 was the sweet spot for me. I only use it ocassionally, and in general like to have dictionaries for reference if needed. At $19.99 it just didnt make sense for a reference use here and there. Same goes for all the other dictionaries. At the higher price you are targeting people that really need them, and thats probably a small fraction of all. Nicely done interface, though havent had a chance to explore it more and get a better feeling of the dictionary database size itself.

Ripped off

Ok heres the thing, I bought this app when it was 19 and now price went down to half, I need my my money back stupid people!!!! U cant just make up prices! Make up it mind then start makin money from innocent people!!

very good as a overall

This is a nice app, dictionary and thesaurus are complete and through. The verb conjugation also comes handy. What I miss is a feature that gives options as one writes a word in the dictionary (as is the case with the verbs ??!!) so if one is not 100% sure about the spelling of a word still can find it.


This application will be very useful once the school year begins. It would be really cool if the words could pop up as soon as you start typing them in. Great App!

Lots of laughs

Other than "LOL" being defined as "lots of laughs" rather than what we all know it to be, its a damn good app. (Why does this LOL issue make me picture 67 year old librarians with horn rimmed glasses trying to figure out all these Net acronyms?)

Must Have.

After the last update, this App is at the top of the spectrum compared to other dictionary Apps. Truly amazing. Keep up the good work.

Good dictionary

Overall, a good app for not a bad price. It would help to have an update that allows for live searching while typing in a word (a la Spotlight) for faster searching and to take into account that users might not know how to spell a word exactly.


This dictionary is awesome. Good price and great value. Very handy for looking up a word no matter where you are. Edit: Im still loving it six months later 

I feel ripped off - space wasted on American cities, towns, villages - who cares?

I decided to buy Ulysses online and from the description of this dictionary thought it could get me through. Half the words I look up from the great book are not there, it being old English I suppose and all, but you can find obscure names of American villages like Kipton, Ohio, population 283 listed! Wow! For $9.99 I feel violated!

Bad Content

The app itself is cool. But the content of the dictionary is very disappointing. The definitions are way too often incomplete or misleading. I find it close to unusable. Im sticking with Websters mobile portal for now.

Bring old interface back. More efficient.

BRING BACK OLD INTERFACE - as option perhaps. OR FIVE NE MY MONEY BACK!! The old GUI was more efficient. Now I have to scroll kilometers and even the colors and fonts are no good.

Annoying bug

I open the app, type my word, and then realize Im in thesaurus mode instead of dictionary, or visceral versa. I tap to switch modes, and my word is gone and I have to type it in all over again. Please squash that bug.

Worth it.

Its invaluable to have a collegiate dictionary with me at all times. Included with the definition is the IPA pronunciation and, for many words, the etymology. Clicking on any word in the definition pops up a new window with three options: Dictionary, Conjugation, and Google. The Dictionary option will take you to the words definition and the Google option performs a Google search on the word. The Conjugation tenses include present, present progressive, future, future progressive, future perfect, preterit, past progressive, present perfect, pluperfect, conditional, past conditional, and imperative. Also included is an excellent thesaurus and a number-to-text converter. The interface is intuitive and not having to worry about variable Internet speeds/connections (everything is stored on the phone - it takes up about 15 megabytes) makes the program worth every penny.

Sorely lacking

No collegiate level dictionary should lack the word "rapprochement" so I find it hard to believe this is one.

Oh my god

This is way over price there is a free one calledwe dic I mean there is not much of diffrence

Great interface, iffy content

I really enjoy the interface on this dictionary, but content can be odd. For instance, I looked up "witching hour" and cant find it anywhere. But if you look up "midnight" in the thesaurus, you find "witching hour" there. How can it be in the thesaurus but not the dictionary? I looked up "wry" which had "drole," misspelled. If you click on "drole" you get a message the word doesnt exist. (The correct word is "droll.") I havent yet looked up many words so I dont know how widespread the mistakes/omissions are.

English Dictionary

Great App. Fair price.

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