English Dictionary and Thesaurus with Verbs App Reviews

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Annoying bug

I open the app, type my word, and then realize Im in thesaurus mode instead of dictionary, or visceral versa. I tap to switch modes, and my word is gone and I have to type it in all over again. Please squash that bug.


The location of the tabs to change from dictionary to thesaurus are way too close together. No head ups warning or obvious declaration that user is no longer in a dictionary search. New App operation has created a mangled mess compared to previous App. Using Google search is both easier and faster. BTW: You should fire the morons who talked you into this mess.

Bring old interface back. More efficient.

BRING BACK OLD INTERFACE - as option perhaps. OR FIVE NE MY MONEY BACK!! The old GUI was more efficient. Now I have to scroll kilometers and even the colors and fonts are no good.

I love this app.

Holy cow what a version. Its great and I love the suggestions when you misspell. Attractive layout and fast. It gotten even better than before. Thank you! Great for crosswords when you really want to cheat too and a huge lexicon.

Extensive changes have ruined it

Hate the UI. Hate the way the function changed. Pretty useless app now.

Ultralingua Rocks!

Love this app and I love ultralingua! Also Ashleigh Lincoln is a superstar!

Poor Vocabulary!!!!

Too bad it doesnt have an extensive vocabulary!!! Lots of words missing!!!

Ok but

The App is ok but I have found some errors, if you search for the conjugation of the defective verb "can", you will find only that verb as a regular verb, that is embarrassing:-(in my opinion, because its a very important verb. Please fix it in the next update

Crash Problem Fixable

This update apparently crashes for many users, but Ultralingua Support suggested deleting and reinstalling the app. Worked fine after that.


Nice application. Im impressed with its flexibility and speed. A genuine tool and far superior to web based surrogates prior to app store. Exceeded expectations.


Great dictionary. I especially like the etymologies.

Great App!

I almost bought it when it was 29.99 and then did buy it when it was 19.99. Mixed feelings about the price now being 9.99 (although glad to see the price dropping--just a little disappointed that I paid double what the price is now. However, I still feel it was worth the 19.99) What will it be next week? Oh well...on to the app...excellent dictionary. Quick and very well designed. This really is a great app and is a great reason to have an iPhone.

dont buy it.

i thought it doesnt need net connection so thats pretty cool. BUT 1. they are advertising it as dictionary + thesarus but its actually just a dictionary, the thesarus word collection is very very poor. so dont go by the screenshots. 2. many times it wont find the words in the dictionary itself.so even the dictionary word repository is not that large.

Really Good on the run

If you are somewhere that doesnt have Internet, then this is a good dictionary app for you. It works without internet, so I use it when I am doing schoolwork in the car.

Im done.

How can you have the word pedantically, but NOT pedantic in a dictionary? And THEN, use the word pedantic in the definition of pedantically?

Bad Content

The app itself is cool. But the content of the dictionary is very disappointing. The definitions are way too often incomplete or misleading. I find it close to unusable. Im sticking with Websters mobile portal for now.

I feel ripped off - space wasted on American cities, towns, villages - who cares?

I decided to buy Ulysses online and from the description of this dictionary thought it could get me through. Half the words I look up from the great book are not there, it being old English I suppose and all, but you can find obscure names of American villages like Kipton, Ohio, population 283 listed! Wow! For $9.99 I feel violated!


This dictionary is awesome. Good price and great value. Very handy for looking up a word no matter where you are. Edit: Im still loving it six months later 

So far so good.

All of the words Ive looked up were in this program. Will continue using it.


I love this dictionary. I mean that the deffinitions are so concise and tasty. e.g. reverie- n. absent minded dreaming while awake, etc.

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